Providing in-person and online therapy throughout Arizona and Illinois

"...Dianne facilitates my thinking and gently adjusts my mindset when needed, allowing me to explore alternate solutions that I would never think of on my own."

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"...I attribute my personal growth to the tools and life skills Dianne has helped me develop and strengthen. Without her support, I would not be the empowered and confident woman I am today!"

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"...Dianne is a very professional and compassionate therapist, who is very easy to talk to and has helped guide me through some difficult and emotional situations. She helped me grow into a more confident version of myself through her guidance and support."

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"...DIanne took time to get to know me and uses this knowledge when offering me suggestions; she challenges me but knows when to pull back to avoid overwhelming me.  I always end my sessions with Dianne on a positive note and with renewed motivation."

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